Machine Rebuilding

With over 56 years in the machine maintenance industry, Wade Dynamics has developed and refined its intricate knowledge of machine rebuilding. As the result of our hands-on work in the field of dynamic balancing, metallizing and vibration analysis, we are able to expertly rebuild your machinery. Our rebuilding process begins in the field with vibration analysis. Our highly trained technicians will analyze your machinery on-site to determine any repairs that are needed. We can then disassemble your equipment, repair it on-site or back at our shop and then reassemble the machine…properly. We will then complete another vibration analysis to determine if all the problems were resolved and verify that the machine is now running within tolerance. This final vibration analysis can then serve as a baseline report from which future vibration tests can be trended.

Broken Tool Removal

Tap extraction is the process of electrically disintegrating a broken tap, drill, bolt, screw or pin. An alloy tube in the correct size is lowered drill-press style onto the broken component. An electrical current then disintegrates the broken component until it crumbles and can be chipped out, leaving the threads/hole undamaged. We can handle most size parts and are able to position our “Tap-Buster” machine at any angle to remove even the most difficult tools. Some of the jobs we do on a regular basis are:

  •  Engine Blocks
  •  Pump Housings
  •  Machine Frames
  •  Rolls