Three generations serving Northeast Ohio since 1963

In 1963, after 16 years of managing a machine shop in Cleveland, OH, Conward and Mary Wade realized there was a definitive need for dynamic balancing in northeast Ohio. Though the technology was in its infancy, they could foresee the vast possibilities and created Wade Dynamics Balancing and Extractor Corporation.

During the 1970’s Wade Dynamics welcomed its second generation and brought Dennis and Denise Wade to the company. The partnership between Denny and his father created a one-stop shop that introduced metallizing repairs, field balancing and a comprehensive quality control program to customers.

Pete Wade, third generation, started his career at Wade Dynamics when he was just a boy assisting in the shop, and working his way up to president and owner through the years. From his expertise in HVOF, machining and field service, to the integration of on-site laser alignment, he has helped the company utilize the latest technology and software to offer customers the most comprehensive analysis and repair options available. Today you will find Pete and his wife Beth managing all aspects of the business from quoting and customer service, hands-on service in the shop, and keeping on top of researching the newest innovations in the industry.

The values passed on through three generations have made Wade Dynamics a company that customers can trust. We believe in providing excellent service, stand behind our work and strive for complete customer satisfaction.