For Wade Dynamics, everything is about the health of your machinery. Every mechanical deficiency that can occur with a piece of rotating machinery results in vibration. The services we offer are designed to either predict when a machine will deteriorate to the point of needed repairs, or to eliminate the mechanical deficiency to bring the machine back into tolerance. We are like the Doctors of the rotating machinery world! We diagnose and recommend the best solution for your equipment.

Vibration Analysis

Did you know that every piece of machinery has some level of vibration? It is the job of a Wade Dynamics Vibration Analyst to determine if that vibration is within tolerance or if a machine requires repair. Energy experts estimate that when rotating machinery experiences vibrations there is an increase in energy usage of $9-$20/horsepower per year. Not to mention the decrease in performance, increase in wear of the bearings and overall deterioration of the machine. Oh, and the noise! All of this adds up to large increases in yearly costs.

Wade Dynamics Field Service Technicians use the latest in vibration testing equipment and software to determine the frequencies causing a machine to vibrate.

These machine issues can be detected through vibration analysis

  • Fan/Spindle unbalance
  • Rotor unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Soft foot
  • Bearing Deterioration
  • Worn Belts/Pulley/Coupling/Shaft
  • Bent Shaft
  • Cracked Foundation
  • Loose Foundation Bolts
  • Oil Whirl Instability
  • Blade/Vane Pass Frequency
  • Natural Resonance Frequency
  • Structural Resonance

All of these problems can be measured through spectral analysis at a machine’s bearings. A vibration spectrum on any bearing will have several “spikes” that are a result of the “thumps” that the vibration sensors pick up. These spikes may be associated with the different rotational speeds of the machine and may occur as exact multiples of the running speed of that piece of equipment. The problems listed above all occur at different multiples of running speed.

Our analyst will calculate the amplitude and frequency of these spikes to then determine what is over ISO tolerances and what corrective action is required. We’ll then report back to you what recommended repairs need to be made to bring your machinery back into ISO tolerances. Rather than guess at what the problem is, contact Wade Dynamics to analyze the vibrations and tell you exactly what needs repaired.

Field Dynamic Balancing

Do you have a machine that is out of balance? Is that machine too large for Wade Dynamics to balance in our shop? Is that machine too critical to be shut down for more than a day? Then Wade Dynamics Field Balancing Services are what you need. Using the most current balancing software a Wade Dynamics Field Technician will identify the point of unbalance and make the necessary corrections to bring your machine into tolerance and running smooth.

Here is a list of typically field balanced machines:

  • Air Handler Supply & Return Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Industrial Mixer Shafts
  • Machinery Drive Shafts
  • Road Wheels
  • Turbines
  • Dynamometers
  • Inertia Wheels

If it rotates, we can balance it!

Predictive Maintenance

Wade Dynamics offers complete and comprehensive predictive maintenance programs through the use of vibration analysis. This type of program is the best and most accurate method of non-invasive monitoring available. We use the latest hardware and software to measure the health of machines at your facility. No equipment has to be shut down for our program meaning there is no loss of production! These programs also fulfill the ISO/QS 9001 requirements for manufacturers’ production equipment maintenance. Spare parts and redundant machines will also be reduced. This program will supply your maintenance techs with a written plan of what machines need repaired to keep production running.

The process starts with the creation of a custom database using our vibration software. This database will include individual machine names, running speeds of the motor and driven components and each position (horizontal, vertical and axial) that can be taken on every bearing in each machine.

Once this database is created, we will schedule an appointment to visit your facility and complete all data collection. Once complete, we take the collected data to our office, download it into our analysis software where we will dissect each and every point to determine any and all problems with your machinery.

By looking at the individual spectra for each bearing in your machines, Wade Dynamics can determine any problem with a rotating unit (see “Vibration Analysis”). These findings are documented in your company’s report with detailed instructions of recommended repairs and how soon they should be completed. This report also includes the vibration spectra for each bearing, numerical magnitude measurements, as well as a specific section for any measurements over ISO tolerances. All of this information is sent together in a comprehensive, easy to understand report, in addition to a thorough explanation of every aspect of our findings. You’re concerned about your health; shouldn’t you be concerned about the health of your machinery?

Laser Alignment

Alignment of a coupled piece of machinery is one of the most important mechanical steps to ensure your machinery runs at peak performance. Motors are designed to drive within a certain range of amps. When the machine that motor is driving is misaligned, the motor has to work harder to rotate it. This is measurable as an increased amp draw. An increased amp draw means more electrical usage, which ultimately means an increased electrical bill and reduction in the lifespan of the bearings, coupling, seals, etc.

Either new or rebuilt coupled equipment should be checked to ensure the two shafts are in exact alignment. Through the process of laser alignment, a Wade Dynamics Field Service Technician will make the necessary height and radial position adjustments to place the two shafts in that perfect alignment. Eliminating the misalignment ensures smooth rotation, long bearing and seal life, and predictable energy usage.